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Design Your Work Space

We Offer Businesses, work place designs that increase productivity and promote collaborative atmosphere in the office. Our execution solutions are turnkey, innovative and yet very competitive.

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How we Help You ?

Fit-Outs That Last Long

We Provide Fit-Outs That have gone through our due diligence for lasting long. Our Fit-Outs are Standardised to fit specific budgets.

Our Rental Assurance

We take up the property for showcasing and marketing through our means and modes to assure you rental income at the earliest.

Property Management

Even Post  the Defect Liability Period, we offer our clients our management services for any kind of rental and maintenance services.

Our Leadership Team

Ajit Panda

Co-Founder & CEO

B.Sc, MBA, and 20 + Years of Experience into Business Development across Sectors.

Abhishek K.

Co-Founder & CBO

NIT, IIM Grad with Exposure in Business Development in Turnkey Contracts.

Akshay Manuja

Co-founder & coo

B. Tech with multiple Years of Experience of executing large Turnkey Projects.

How We Do It

The First Step in Designing an Office is to Understand your business requirements fully and conceptualise a design that befits the culture, processes and people in the organisation. Before designing your office, we understand your business first.

Design is not just to find the work space efficiency, rather its to conceptualise a work environment that improves productivity and optimism. Our design team is fully experienced to deliver design options that combines space efficiency and workplace energy.

Delivery is the most critical part of any project delivery and remains clearly a distinctive proposition of the company that promises to deliver quality in a time bound fashion. Yo!Spaces commits to time lines with quality assurance.

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