Bringing the Taj to your workplace?

A rather unique interior design plan of the newest Microsoft India Development Center (IDC) in Noida, has recently brought the architectural inspiration of the heritage wonder Taj Mahal to its three floors. The resplendent space bathed in ivory white and punctuated with jaali work (a Mughal architectural style of perforated stone or latticed screen), arches, and domed ceilings.

The trend of cultural and historical influences reflecting in the interior design of workplaces are not new and have always been part of design strategies, all according to the commissioning client. Whether in the form of traditional carpeting on the floor, the choice of art/photographs on the walls, or a royal-inspired piece of furniture, addition of elements of culture and heritage break monotony add a unique touch and vibe to the workplace. If one wants to take it a notch higher, going for wallpapers in the royal palette of colours, like deep hues of red and ochre, could create a beautiful ambience in the workplace while indicating the organisational values and culture. Finally, if a business wants a tradition-themed design for a short term, lighting up certain areas of the workplace in certain colours could help achieve the desired look.