Office Trends for the Post-COVID era

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to global recalibration in how we think about work and the workplace. As employees return to offices, businesses will rethink and redesign the workplaces, according to the nature of their work.

Hygiene and sanitation will assume the central position in the post-pandemic office design, with the ease of cleaning the high traffic touch points regularly. Punching-in and punching-out, along with commonly-used machinery, will be an area requiring offices to go contactless. Productivity and collaboration are also bound to soar when the employees feel the distance of their workstations is optimal and will not put them at risk. Office re-planning will include significant thought given to the integration of technology, for smooth access to any workforce working remotely. As that might mean more hardware, the redone office interiors must compromise on neither aesthetics nor equipment safety. Airflow, ventilation and air conditioning are another areas that will see increased attention as workers begin to work from office again. Many offices may lean towards a brighter, energizing theme to boost performance and results after a rather dull year. In all, a redesign individualized to the business but with all necessary precautions is our top advice for the perfect workplace after the pandemic.