Sound commercial interiors — The Mantra to employee well-being

An average employee spends more than a third of their adult life at the workplace. Office interiors, therefore, are often pegged among the crucial elements that affect not just productivity, but also employee health and well-being. Research shows that sit-stand desks, plants and adequate daylight are part of the positive design for all offices. Well-designed workspace environment will take into account the ergonomics of working for hours on end, and put the human resources at the centre of the design.

The modularity of design to accommodate the nature of work will ensure businesses provide a custom-fit ambience to teams. Selecting a soothing colour palette, that neither distracts nor demotivates, will have a direct impact on perceptions of a positive work environment. Optimal lighting can help employees focus on the task at hand, without stressing out their eyes and minds. Similarly, noise reduction also entails less interruption and more focus on work. For offices that accommodate more desk workers, recreational rooms with gaming consoles and board games can encourage agility, all translating into less sick days and better performance. After all, ‘design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

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