Vastu at office A Crucial Element for Success

Did you know that having a reception in the North or North-East direction is considered beneficial for offices? When it comes to the seating arrangement, facing the North-East direction is also auspicious for managers and bosses. Vastu experts also advise against piling on clutter and heavy, waste material in the office, especially in certain corners, as it blocks positive influx.

The ancient science of architecture and spatial arrangement, Vastu Shastra, can work wonders in the context of professional success if applied properly. Often, poor alignment of design elements with Vastu principles leads to the inflow of negative energy causing roadblocks in performance and efficiency. While there may be corrective fixes to resolve issues faced by an organisation from the angle of Vastu and Feng Shui, there's nothing like getting Vastu aligned from scratch in your corporate interior layout. From the entrance and placement of water (washrooms) and fire elements (pantry), to the colours used in office decor, and even where your accounting employees should work, Vastu Shastra friendly office spaces are your sure-shot path to success and growth. No matter the nature of work, harmonious and balanced layouts and arrangements should be among the first checkboxes of your commercial interior design.