Workspace Ideas


As your workspace’s first introduction to clients and employees alike, the reception area must offer a warm refreshing welcome, communicate core brand values, and leave a positive, lasting impression on visitors — all at once. 

The curation of this keyspace may differ in structure, layout, colour scheme and furniture type, but must present the reception as a vibrant first touchpoint through intelligent use of the available space. Through our wide-ranging options for personalized Vaastu-perfect design and decor for all offices Space and workplacesYo! Spaces make your company style and vibe pop out, starting from the reception itself.


Work Area

A well-planned, efficient Office work area can translate to higher employee productivity while aiding collaboration and brand-building. Functionality and aesthetics must both remain at the core of this critical space. 

Whether your office thrives on quiet workdays of a small group, or is a thriving nucleus of a sizable bustling workforce, experts at Yo! Spaces can consult you on everything right from a distraction-free layout, workstation type, integration of tools like copiers, printers and telephones, to lighting design, universally-accessible floor design and even the direction of work desks. Our office design makes sure that every employee has the space necessary to get the job done. 


Conference Room

Commercial Office design blossoms on collaborative focal points like conference rooms, where pleasant and efficient design can create an uninterrupted workflow. It is a place where businesses seal deals, employees put their best ideas forward and organisational culture thrives. 

Conference rooms require the best design expertise for noise management, wire-free integration of projection and computer technology and flexible furniture fixings which can allow the communal space to transform as the business evolves. Our team of experienced designers consult you to create a quality working environment in the key location according to the capacity you require.

Meeting Room

Break-out and meeting rooms provide any workforce with the privacy and noise-free environment needed for focussed alliances. Through energising, chic interiors, meeting rooms can inspire ideation and connection, by boosting teamwork. Smaller than conference rooms, meeting rooms can accommodate small groups. 

The team at Yo! Spaces work with you closely to reflect the brand values and colours in the wall, floor and furniture planning, while ensuring spaciousness and mobility. 


By encouraging relaxation and socialising, innovative cafeteria interior design can liven up corporate environments. Office planning must ensure that the pantry or cafeteria is a great space to catch a break, fill up on nutrition, and send employees back to their desks all recharged. 

From seamless kitchen design to abundant storage, and comfortable seating, count on our expert designers to plan your workplace’s cafeteria an informal, rejuvenating space. We make sure your cafeteria space reflects your organizational culture.

Director Cabin

A leader’s cabin speaks before they do. As the powerhouse of the workplace, the director cabin should exhibit symbols of leadership and authority, while being in perfect alignment with Vaastu. We design the leader’s cabin in a way that is private, premium and is an extension of her or his reputation and leadership style. 

Whether it is about striking wall design, functional and pleasant illuminations, exquisite works of art, the Director’s table and chair, or best-in-class furnishings, Yo! Spaces are the consultancy that merges the latest trends with a personalised curation of the leader’s preferences. You imagine it, we make it happen in real-time!

Manager Cabin

Displaying skill and prowess along with a friendly, approachable leadership style, a manager’s cabin is the centre of day-to-day operations, meetings and interviews. While allowing your top employees the privacy to work, a well-designed manager’s cabin should encourage interaction and collaboration.

By helping you pick the right colour, material, furniture and finish, our team consults you at every step of the way and designs a space that befits your title and style of management. No matter the design theme, for leaders’ cabins, our buzzwords are sophistication and practicality.

Recreational Area

It is getting more and more common to spot a pool table or table tennis fixture in corporate offices, for employees to freshen up and stay active. If you would like a similar fun element to be incorporated in your office design, we’re all ears! (But we’d make sure to keep the room as noiseless as possible!). Everything from a quiet lounging space, tables for different games, to simple board games, can boost employee morale and keep them juiced up

Server Room

Housing the backbone of every workplace, server rooms can do with a dash of your office design, too. More utilitarian than aesthetic, server and control rooms should be designed with efficiency and deep knowledge of commercial design.

We plan server rooms to be hazard-safe and high-quality, so your most important technology infrastructure never has to bear the brunt of poor planning. Our team is skilled in consulting you on design features like cable management, fire suppression, and protection of computing equipment, and more.


Designing restrooms and toilets is important, but often overlooked, part of office planning. The design impresses, and seamless, practical washroom design can instantly make your workplace’s first impression a good one.

Washrooms must be designed to re-energise employees and visitors. Durable material, professional installation of fixings, necessary storage, great appearance, and easily-sanitised and safe interiors – we tick all boxes.

Redesign Your Work Spaces

If you want to reinvent your existing office design, out solutions can offer to examine the possibilities and offer you the best solutions for such a redesign.